ESCON strategies

Most European countries have the agencies needed for Safe Community work, a health service capable of providing injury data, the institutions (public and private) for making multi-disciplinary and cross-sector cooperation and the academic strength for aiding with planning of evaluations that have external validity. There is a formidable pedagogic challenge for motivating and convincing European countries that bottom up strategies in local communities may succeed where top-down as stand-alone measures have a tendency to fail.

A suggested strategy of European Safe Community promotion:

  1. Through a broader contact and collaboration with existing European agencies (WHO Europe and Euro Safe), advocating Safe Community practices as being supplementary to existing top-down strategies
  2. Dissemination of knowledge on the efficacy of existing Safe Community programs to European local community leaders, politicians and academics
  3. Revitalization and strengthening efforts for initiating and implementing research projects on community-based injury prevention