Few European Safe Communities outside Scandinavia

ESCON promotes injury prevention at community level.

This is mostly a bottom-up strategy, complementary to top-down strategies that are emanating from Pan-European and National health authorities. 
Significant reductions of injuries in the Swedish community Falkoping were reported in the mid eighties by Schelp and Svanstrom.

The first Safe Community was designated in 1989.
Several Swedish and Norewegian communities followed in Falkopings footsteps during the next two decades.
There are (June 2015) 58 designated Safe Communities in Europe.

Of these 36 are in Sweden and Norway. Norway has a strong National Safe Community Network, Norwegian Safety Forum and are steadily recruiting communities up to the present. Sweden he's recruited few new safe communities the last two decades, probably due to the dissolving of the Swedish National Network. However, existing Swedish Safe Communities are active and strong and thus redesigned.
Norway 23
Sweden 13
Czech republic 3
Estonia 3
Bosnia Herzegovina 2
Finland 2 
Germany 2
Serbia 2 
Austria 1
Denmark 1
England 2
Israel 1
Poland 1
England 1
Republic of Croatia 1

website: www.phs.ki.se/csp/safecom/default.htm