Why is injury prevention neglected in Europe?

  Injuries are preventable. This potential for prevention is vastly unknown to politicians and allocators of funds. Research on injury prevention is shamefully neglected. A number of reasons for this neglect may be listed.
(i) Injury epidemiology is a new discipline, only a few decades old, while epidemiology on the three classic disciplines infectious diseases (John Snow 1854),  cardiovascular diseases and cancer has been around much longer.
(ii) Public health has up to just recently been mostly concerned with the three classic genres. Injury epidemiology is taught in few public health schools.
(iii) Research on Injury Prevention has sparse access to funding from public research grants and almost none from the private sector 
(iv) Injury prevention has no champions in the upper echelon of public limelight to promote her, no Angela Jolies and no Bills (Clinton or Gates). These stars are involved with the infectious diseases or cancer.